Tool for Agent Orange exposure in Guam 1962-1975
- A Powerful tool for use in winning/getting a NEXUS statement with some teeth in it

Subject: White paper on Guam Herbicide exposure 1962-1975
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Margaret Jowers from FTOP found a very interesting and powerful tool to use for winning and getting a Nexus statement with some teeth in it in the attached White Paper. This paper outlines the "As likely as not" exposure and references for Airman or Sailors stationed on Guam 1962-1975. This is the most definitive paper I've seen to date on Herbicide disposal and use in Guam.
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Passed attached NVLSO White Paper on herbicide (agent orange) exposure to Veterans that served in Guam from 1962 to 1975 to all posts in 21st District. This is important evidence for presumption of any of the Agent Orange disabilities. Post Adjutants should check their rosters for Vets who served during this period and get info out to them.
Dennis Birchall
Bandera County VSO
National Vetrans Legal Services Program

Dioxin-Containing herbicide Agent exposure in Guam 1962-1975

->The weight of the evidence strongly shows that veterans who served on Guam from 1962 to 1975 were exposed to herbicides containing dioxin.<-

15 page "white paper" attached as PDF.

  • 20200928AgentOrangeInGuam.pdf

  • 15 page "white paper" attached as PDF.
  • 20200928AgentOrangeInGuam.pdf

  • Dennis Birchall - Bandera County Veteran Service Officer VSO
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