AMLTXDist21 Form-802 Non-Profit reports

The Texas Form 802 is a required periodic report to maintain your non-profit status

  • A nonprofit corporation is required by Section 22.357 of the Texas Business Organizations Code (BOC) to file a periodic report that lists the names and addresses of all directors and officers of the corporation. The Office of the Secretary of State may require a domestic nonprofit corporation or a foreign nonprofit corporation registered to transact business in this state to file a report not more than once every four years. The failure to file the report when due will result, after notice, in the involuntary termination of the domestic corporation or the revocation of the registration of the foreign corporation.

    On March 10, 2020, John Quigly found, on review of Post 26, that the post had never sent in their Form 802's. He's not sure for how long but they were involuntarily dissolved. $50+ dollars to get it undissolved, I am going to write all of this fun stuff up should be no problem to make 15 minute talk. BTW I went through 50 pages of Legion posts, and many were also showing as dissolved. I will try to find our posts and get them written down as part of my presentation to get them to do what they need to do. If they don't they are actually not sales tax free in the state of Texas.

    John C Quigley II
    Commander American Legion Post 26
    Brackettville TX 78832-0344
    830-563-9396 (c)830-563-0709

    Your Post may be in the same "involuntarily dissovled" condition.

    Respectfully Submitted for your consideration, until we have a complete "how to hande" the legal requirements of our American legion as a 501(c19) company. Hubmaster 21st District of Texas JQ:WJB:dmf