AMLTXDist21 May 30, 2020 Convention

Convention Plan:

  • 2020-05-28 Final Convention Docs FINAL

  • Convention Live from Post-157 HQ

    Our Thanks to all the post delegates who were able to attend both via the ZOOM video meeting system AND via telephone dial-in. The Constitution & By-Laws were passed unanimously, as was Dennis Birchall's Referendum to have American Legion County Veteran Service Officers recognized at the Department level to allow usefull access to claimaint in-progress logs

    There is a recording of the 2hr 20min session available, currently at:

  • Adjutant Susan Junkers at the helm, with Cmdr W. "Joey" Bess presiding

    Convention Command Central with Dept Speaker and all delegates shown

    Adj Susan Junkers, Cmdr W. "Joey" Bess, Veteran County Service Officer Dennis Birchall