American Legion, Department of Texas
     Color Guard Competition  2022     

Monday March 14 2022


I need your assistance in identifying and contacting the leaders of your Color Guards for the 2022 Department Convention Competition.

For the past two years the only competitor has been the Color Guard from Post 472, of the 22nd District, 2nd Division.

As I said at the 2021 Department Convention, this competition is a reminder of the military pomp and ceremonial pageantries, used to capture the imagination of our nation's youth, and remind the adult citizenry of the dedication of our service men and women. These events are recruiting tools, national motivational inspirations and advertisements to remind us of our obligations to our country. Likewise, their use, at our conventions, are opportunities to re-engage with national pride. (I think that the more opportunity for mass audience, the more motivation for participant participation.)

On the Post level, they add dignity to our recognition of those who served and passed on to "Post Ever Lasting". The hours of practice and sacrifice by the Legionnaire, are reflections of the continued commitment and dedication to conduct as flawless as possible a presentation that shows the significance of these events to their audience.

The Department Color Guard Competition is an opportunity for these Legionnaires to demonstrate their talents and skills in the art of drill competition.

I am requesting your support and assistance in reaching as many of our Post Color Guards as possible and to get them in the competition this year.

Thanks for your support.

Jimmy L. Mitchell, Uniformed Organization
Membership, Organization & Post Activities Commission
USA: 832-758-2814

Please send to all commanders so they can notify Bonnie if they have units at their posts.
They Can then contact her for more info.
Thank you. George McHorse Jr
21st District Commander